Not Just The Best Hotel In Zanzibar. The Best Experience In Zanzibar.

What Excuse Do You Have For Coming All The Way to Zanzibar Without Experiencing The Absolute Best?

Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar
Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar

Zanzibar’s First Truly Private, All-Inclusive Luxury Experience

Everything’s included, and we mean everything, even Tanzania’s SAFARI!

It all started when my wife Sofia and I took a vacation to Zanzibar for the first time. It was unbelivable. After returning home, we started to feel a strange itch…

It was love.

We found ourselves talking about the island all day long. Friends thought we had gone crazy. And then the epiphany came.

We decided to come for a second time, this time to stay and create our own little piece of paradise.

We were thinking, why not let others feel what Sofia and I experience every day? Why not turn our love into the most authentic and luxurious hotel Zanzibar has ever seen?

This is how Sofia Sea View hotel was born.

But we didn’t want to create just another hotel. The island already had plenty of standard, boring accomodations. We wanted to create the ultimate Zanzibar experience, to bring your dreams to life.

That is why we made Sofia Sea View completely private and all inclusive. When we say completely, we mean it. We want you to have everything you need in one place, to have a pure experience.

Your travel time is valuable. Are you the kind of person who never settles for anything less than the best? From the beach to our bar to your high quality villa, everything is designed exclusively for your pleasure.

We know our customers. And we know you are the kind of person who truly appreicates a high quality of life, free time, and privacy.

This is why here at Sofia Sea View we are dedicated to redefining the meaning of three words:

Luxury, Privacy & All-Inclusive.

We’ll do everything to ensure you have a once in a lifetime vacation paradise. Zero frustrations. No outside world interruptions.

Want to see what that looks like?

Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar

Private Everything. Unlimited Everything.

You’ll feel like the King of Zanzibar.

“One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been!!! The food and service were excellent. We enjoyed every moment at the villa’s private pool and beach, and I have no doubt we will return. 5 stars!”

Your own beachfront villa.

Your private oceanfront suite will be your peaceful sanctuary and give you a special feeling of tropical relaxation. It is fully equipped with every modern amenity you can think of. No expense was spared:

Handcrafted Zanzibarian furniture. International TV. Italian imported mattresses and double French doors. Fully equipped kitchen (though our chef will make sure you won’t need it). High speed Wi-Fi. Security system. Fire detector. Modern A/C. Bathroom with sea view! Beauty kit, best bath robes in the business, and much more.

Your own private beach.

This is the best part! Our beach is private and just for you. That’s right, sleep here and have a 25 meter stretch (80 feet) of sugar-white sand and azure waters just for you. You can even receive your meals on the beach while the crimson sunset illuminates the ocean from above.

Having your own private beach in Zanzibar means no harassment from “beach boys”, the common name for local vendors who interrupt your serenity every few minutes at more touristy beaches like Nungwi.

Private, unlimited dining.

Leave the cooking to us! Our food is the talk of the island, and you’ll quickly see why. Our World Class chef Rashid, alongside the famous chef Aviv Moshe, have created stunning menu selections comparable to any 5 star dining experience.

We will tantalize your taste buds and cook you anything you want, anytime you want, as much as you want, at no extra charge, delivered directly to your door or wherever you want it.

Our ingredients are locally-sourced fresh every morning (seafood and fruits), or imported from Italy and go through European-standard quality control. This means NO unexpected stomach pain to ruin your vacation.

“Extraordinarily delicious and highly recommended.”

And while there are excellent restaurants and cafes around the island, there is nothing like the comfort of a delicious dining experience prepared specially for you.

Our private chef Rashid specializes in a unique fusion of African and Mediterranean cuisine. Sounds interesting? He carefully selects the local flavors, touching all your senses, turning your meals into stories.

You can have your meals delivered wherever your heart desires. From a delightful sunrise breakfast in bed, to a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach. You choose!

Oh and by the way, we’re the only hotel outside Stone Town to offer you the famous Zanzibar Pizza in-house, so you won’t have to drive 45 minutes to have it.

* Vegan, gluten-free, kosher, halal, etc., just let us know and we’ve got you covered.

Private bartender. Drink as much as you want.

Our bar is always open for you. From water to espresso to fresh piña colada, your bartender Majeba is going to spoil you.

Majeba is the mixology master here in Zanzibar. Challenge him with any drink you can think of and he’ll make your taste buds explode in exotic delight. Or just let him surprise you with drinks you’ve never heard of!

Using fresh, local fruits, Majeba knows how to blend the best tropical drinks in Africa. Oh, and your room also has a fridge full of beverages you can enjoy at no extra charge. Refilled every day.

Private, unlimited massages.

And of course. A private masseuse! Every day from early morning to late at night. Get ready to give your bones and muscles the release they deserve.

Had a long day snorkeling? Just got back from the safari? Whatever it is, what better way to relax than an hour-long professional massage? As much as you want, whenever you want. 

Normally, for tourists, professional massages in Zanzibar cost $80 to $120 an hour, but here at Sofia Sea View you can have as many as you want, no extra charge. All-Inclusive means All-inclusive!

Private pool.

Each room gets its own private pool! Yes, no more swimming with the masses. You’ll have your own pool exclusively for you. How cool is that?

Imagine yourself injecting some romance and skinny-dipping under the Zanzibarian sky at night. Or how about enjoying a refreshing morning dip while your chef prepares your breakfast, or an evening dip as Majeba the bartender blends you a nice, fresh mojito?

We promise, you’ll quickly love having your own pool. Plus everyone back home is going to envy your photos!

Private driver & free airport transfers in style!

Taxis are notoriously expensive around the island, to the point where you can easily spend $100-200 a day on transportation. Here at Sofia, our private driver is always ready to take you anywhere, at no extra cost.

We’ll also take you to/from the airport. Normally you’d have to spend about $60 each way, but with us it’s all included. Our driver Hames will wait for you at the airport, load your luggage into our fancy jeep, and bring you straight here, where fresh cocktails await you.

Private beachside fire pit.

Imagine taking a refreshing midnight dip in your private pool, and then cozying up beside a private, beachside fire pit. You’ll bathe in the starlight of Zanzibar’s night sky, all in complete, romantic privacy.

We will even supply you with food to barbecue with! And don’t worry, we’ll handle the fire and cooking if you don’t want to mess with it.

You’re going to love it.

Don’t Miss a Thing! We’ll Make Sure You See Everything Zanzibar Has to Offer

Private tours wherever you want, all included at no extra cost!

Don’t waste a second searching for the best place to book attractions, and don’t spend hundreds of dollars a day on them. We’ll make sure you see everything there is to see, at no extra cost.

When you stay in the average hotel, you have to arrange everything separately, so it’s easy to get confused and miss out on the best parts. At Sofia Sea View we’ve solved that problem. Here’s what you’ll enjoy:

Dolphins in Kizimkazi

Swim with wild dolphins in the ocean.

Jozani Forest

See the lush forest and the famous Red Colobus monkey.

Spice Farm

See how spices are grown in Zanzibar.

Mnemba Island Snorkeling

“Spectacular snorkeling!”

Swahili Cooking Lessons

Learn how to make the famous Zanzibar Pizza!

Reef Safari

Let our guide walk you on the coral reef in low tide.

Prison Island

See the giant turtles and slavery statues.

Stone Town

See the rich culture of this UNESCO World Heritage place.

Traditional Bao

Learn how to play this local game played with baobab seeds.

Boat Around Zanzibar

Sail with a Swahilli dhow, a beauty on water.

Safari Blue

An epic full day trip of aquatic activities.

Paddle Boarding

We’ll give you private paddle boards too!


Have some crazy fun in the ocean!

Fishing Trips

We’ll catch and then cook Zanzibarian fish.

Ready For It? We’ll Even Fly You to Tanzania’s Safari!

We’re the only hotel in Zanzibar who’ll fly you to mainland Tanzania and take you on a day-long Mikumi safari trip. You’ll see zebras, giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, lions, hippos, wildebeests, rhinos, buffalos, crocodiles, and hyenas. How awesome is that?

And you won’t pay an extra dime for this! This trip alone normally costs several hundreds of dollars per person, but through our connections we can offer this as part of your truly all inclusive stay.

“Incredible few days in paradise! We stayed for 4 nights all inclusive at Sofia Sea View. Given the very few reviews so far, we really didn’t know what to expect prior to arrival (it’s only been open six months). We were amazed to find a piece of paradise in the already lovely island of Zanzibar. Every aspect of our stay was a delight; the rooms were clean and new, the pool and beach, picturesque. The food was fantastic. The standout feature that made our stay was the staff. Every single member was happy to help and genuinely happy to be part of the Sofia Sea View. Couldn’t recommend it more!!”

Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar

The Only Luxury Hotel In Zanzibar Where You Feel Like You’re In Zanzibar

Zanzibar’s most authentic, exclusive location.

Most other hotels in Zanzibar are walled compounds that completely shelter the guest from the local culture. We don’t understand it either.

What’s the point of coming all the way to Zanzibar… without feeling like you’re in Zanzibar? This is why we built Sofia Sea View right in the middle of a traditional village.

When you stay with us, you’ll get to experience the Zanzibarian way of life. The moment you walk off our beach enclave you’ll discover traditional houses, with small children playing everywhere.

You’ll get to see and feel what most tourists only talk about. An authentic view on how the locals truly live, work and shop in Zanzibar. A spectacular, eye opening experience that you’ll never forget.

And, the moment you step back onto our property… you get all that tropical wealth you came here for.

Splendid handcrafted furniture. Specially imported mattresses, doors and tiles. Fast Wi-Fi to upload your stunning photos to Instagram and Facebook. Powerful LG air conditioner that’ll chill your body after a warm day. All-Inclusive everything. You get the idea.

By staying with us, you’ll enjoy a rare combination of superb luxury and unique authenticity. We’ve spared no expense to make Sofia the most high-end hotel on the island, some say on the entire continent of Africa.

“Though our vacation isn’t over yet, we feel the need to say our good words to Sofia Sea View because our time in Zanzibar has been perfect. Every detail is taken care of. The staff is remarkable. Majeba the bartender is unbelievable. We try to challenge him with cocktails, and he blows our minds each and every time. Each drink better than the last. Absolutely amazing. We talk a lot with the local staff and hear about their lives. They seem to have the same interest in hearing about our own lives, very enthusiastic to hear about even our most basic technologies. To our surprise, we only understood how perfect this hotel’s location is once we actually arrived. At first we thought that all the interesting stuff was in the north, but we were wrong, big time. Everything’s here. Our drive to Safari Blue was an hour less than for those coming from Nungwi. Drive times to Stone Town, spice farms, Prison Island and the airport are also shorter. Nearby, we have the ATV tours, dive shops, water sports, Mnemba island with its beautiful beach and dolphins and starfish. 10 minute walk away are parties in Waikiki, with nice shows, fire performances, dancing and acrobatics. The hotel offers a menu that changes every day, and its culinary quality is extraordinary, all fresh ingredients. And forget meal times , you get spoiled all day whenever you ask. The meals are delivered to us, never late. Oh, and the hotel also offers bicycles and paddle boards which we use everyday! Couldn’t ask for more :)”

Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar

The Perfect Escape: Get the Vacation & Privacy You Truly Deserve

Zero annoyances.

Your vacation to Zanzibar is getting closer, and you’re getting excited. You’ve been dreaming about the golden sun. Envisioning the ocean smell. And you just can’t wait to walk on that powdery white sand.

Here at Sofia, we’ve engineered the entire experience so that you get to live your dream. Nobody’s going to interrupt your privacy and step in your personal space. No annoying “beach boys” who’ll break your serenity and try to sell you barcelets 100 times a day.

We want you to have an exclusive, pure experience. Let us shut off the noise of the world and engrave exotic memories in your head.

Imagine yourself in your private villa, nestled on 25 meters of private white sand beachfront, and then picture yourself opening the double French doors as the warm tropical breeze of the Indian Ocean soothes your skin and blows away the tensions of your life.

You go take a swim with your spouse, birds are singing in the palm trees above. Later, you go back inside your villa, and back comes all the modern comforts.

Slip away into your own private fantasy world, in an elegant atmosphere made just for you. You deserve nothing but the best.

“We had a 7 night vacation in Sofia Sea View. Amazing staff. Very, very delicious food. Incredible cocktails, made with with top shelf liquor by a rockstar of a bartender. The location is awesome, with lots of attractions nearby. One thing that tourists around the island complain about is that in Zanzibar the customer service is really bad, restaurants are known to keep you waiting for your food. Well, in Sofia Sea View there’s no such problem. Everything ticks like a Swiss clock. In our entire stay not a minute was wasted. And you choose the time of your meals, so it is the staff who suit the schedule to you, not the other way around like in normal hotels. I’ve been in a lot of hotels in my life but here in Sofia the experience is just incredible. You don’t have to fear theft here, the staff is amazing, and there are security cameras everywhere. We left everything in the room (money in the safe obviously), and nothing was stolen or moved from where we left it. Every time the staff wanted to clean our room, they asked for our permission, and only then went on to polish it. I also need to throw a word or two about the owner, Shlomi. You can really tell he truly cares that his customers have a great experience. He heard that my wife loves to shop, so he came with us and since all the locals know him, we got the best deals. He told us a lot of interesting things about Zanzibar, the culture, the people and pretty much everything we asked him (and we bombarded him with questions!). He has a lot of connections on the island, so anything we needed (like seeing a starfish!) he made a phone call, and took care of it immediately. These are the reasons why we love Sofia Sea View.”

Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar

Best Hotel Service You’ve Ever Experienced. Guaranteed.

Forget normal hotels, this is the experience you’ve been waiting for.

Two families visit Zanzibar at the same time. Family A stays at a normal 5 star hotel. Family B stays at our boutique Sofia Sea View. How different will their vacation be? Let’s see.

Family A will have to wake up early to get a bland, average breakfast. Family B, on the other hand, tells Amit what and when exactly they’d like delivered to their door. Forget boring eggs and dry toasts, how about a delicious coconut crab soup or grilled octopus in saffron sauce?

That’s not all. What if those two families need help?

Family A will have to go to the reception, wait in line, and then talk to a robotic crew of employees who just want to finish their shifts. Family B, though, has Amit, their personal manager, to take care of everything they need within minutes.

And how about things to do?

Family A will again have to wait in line and waste energy trying to arrange the activities they want to do. At an additional cost of both travel time and hundreds of dollars a day! Family B, here at Sofia Sea View, can just go to their manager, and within minutes be on their way, at no extra cost.

The difference, as you can see, is huge.

Our staff is dedicated to providing a full-service luxury experience better than even the most upscale 5 Star hotels. Our personal touch and respect for your privacy is unmatched anywhere else in Zanzibar.

“Returned from a dream-like week in Zanzibar, where we stayed at Sofia Sea View. When people ask us how it was, I can’t find the words to describe it. But, if we had to choose one word: PERFECT! It was like paradise. Zanzibar is amazing in its simple and exotic beauty, the locals are nice and generous, and this secluded hotel sits on an amazing piece of beach on the eastern coast, a location straight from a Hollywood movie, meters away from a picturesque beach, with beautiful, warm boutique suites and private pools. Also we’re Jewish, and they made kosher foods for us which was amazing and made everything easier. The hospitality of Shlomi the owner, who is warm, generous and hilarious, together with the service of his local staff, made me and my wife feel like kings during our week there. Everything we wanted was fulfilled with great will and warmness. And the food? INSANE! The chef was unbelievable, and his food made us explode in happiness. If you love top quality amazing foods, this is the place for you.”

Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar

WOW Your Family & Friends With Stunning Paradise Photos

Destroy Instagram!

Post photos of yourself in our little piece of paradise! Because of our unique location — Pwani Michangani (“White Sand” in Swahili) — our beach offers the most stunning colors at high and low tides.

Nowhere in Zanzibar are the sunrises as spectacular as seen from Sofia. Wow everyone back home with pictures straight from the movies.

“Just got back from this paradise called Zanzibar. We stayed at another hotel at the southern side of the island, but unfortunately the food wasn’t very good. Changed to Sofia Sea View because of recommendations, and oh boy… the food was incredible! The service was absolutely perfect, with a wide variety of different food made by their private chef, and of course then there’s the experience of having a private dinner on your own private beach!! Unbelievable. Highly recommended.”

Meitar Mizrachi, Instagrammer.

Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar

Spend Your Money Wisely

And save lots of headaches too.

The beauty of our elegant All-Inclusive solution lies in what you get for your money. Consider for a moment the value of everything we offer.

For a boutique hotel of our quality, you’d pay at least $600 a night, and you’d get a smaller room that’s also much more distant from the beach. Add in food & drinks, and you’re talking $800 a night.

Now add in all the attractions — Safari Blue, spice farms, dolphin tour in Kizimkazi, Mnemba Snorkeling, Jozani forest, fishing trips, boat tours, Tanzania’s SAFARI, etc – and you easily reach the ~$1,800 a night zone.

But because we offer everything in-house, we cut out the middle man and offer our rooms for a fraction of the price.

That is true value.

“Zanzibar! Time to send our greatest appreciations to Shlomi from Sofia Sea View who was the man responsible for our own private paradise. We had a huge, clean suite literally on the beach, and if that’s not enough — we even had our own private pool! Every morning, you wake up, you see the sunrise from the sea, the coconut trees above your head, the white sand. You want to go back to sleep just so you can wake up again in front of the same view! We stayed with our 4 children in the big suite, and our parents stayed in the smaller suite. It was an absolute joy. The staff were all super nice. They were singing, dancing, playing with us, and taking good care of us all day long. The All-Inclusive part was pretty amazing — VERY generous amounts of food, with unlimited drinks and appetizers all day long. We also used the bicycles and standing paddle boards, which are available whenever you want. But beyond all this, it’s the little things they do — like surprising you with Swahili dancers, children playing drums from the nearby village, a local singer doing a private show, or even a group of local Masai acrobats. We don’t have enough words to show how sincerely thankful we are for this unbelievable service and hospitality, Shlomi. Anything we asked, you responded “With love.” We love you too, and miss you already!”

Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar

You’re Supporting The Locals

Feel good about yourself.

We here at Sofia Sea View support the community in Pwani Mchangani by employing locals and regularly donating money to help improve life quality.

We do this because we see ourselves as part of them, and we’re grateful that they had allowed us to build our hotel right in the middle of their village. It is our true honor, and we feel like we should give back.

Not only that, we’ve partnered with local farmers and fishermen in the area to provide you with fresh foods. By staying with us, you’re supporting all these hardworking fellas. Feels good, right?

“A dream vacation and a perfect honeymoon!! Can’t get any better than Sofia Sea View. The hotel is very clean, and the food is absolutely amazing — prepared by a private chef, served on your own private beach. A Magical place. We loved every minute of it and I have a feeling we’ll come back next year.”

Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar

We Have Just a Few Villas, Book Now Before Someone Else Does

Here’s cheaper than through Booking.com.

Master Deluxe Suite


Max: 2 Adults + 4 Children

130 Square Meters

* Price is for 2 adults. Each child is an extra $60 a day.

Deluxe Suite


Max: 2 Adults + 2 Children

45 Square Meters

* Price is for 2 adults. Each child is an extra $60 a day.

You’re Going to Love Our Hotel… Or You Won’t Pay a Dime!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re the only hotel in Zanzibar to offer such a guarantee, because we’re that sure you’re going to fall in love with us. Many people see an amazing looking hotel in Booking.com, for example, only to arrive later and see that the pictures are outdated and that the hotel is old. Won’t happen with us.

If after your first night you are not absolutely delighted, we’ll give you back every single penny you paid, no questions asked. We won’t charge you for the night, and whatever food, drinks, massages and other things you’ve had are on the house. You have zero risk.

“VERY recommended!!! Without a doubt the best hotel I have ever been to. Its located in the north east, which is a big plus, because it’s so close to many attractions and it saves a lot of time on the roads. The food and cocktails were amazing. Big thanks to the chef & bartender! Service level is the highest I have ever seen, an incredible team. Really an amazing hotel.”

Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar

Do You Have Any Questions?

There’s an answer to anything.

When’s the best season to visit Zanzibar?

June to February is our high season. Weather is great and the sky is crystal clear, giving the water that nice tone of turquoise. March to May is the rainy season, but it’s still warm enough to walk shirtless. Some people like this season better, it’s less crowded.

What if I’m on a special diet?

Special dietary considerations can easily be accommodated. Are you vegan? Gluten free? Halal or kosher? Just let us know in advance and we’ll make all the arrangements. We promise you’re going to love your food, no matter what your diet is.

What should we bring with us?

Not much really. You’ll have everything you need waiting for you right here. Our advice: pack light.

Is there anywhere to go shopping?

Absolutely. We’ll take you to all the local shops and markets you need to know about.

How safe is it?

Very. It’s a small island. Plus we have security cameras and employ a patrol guard 24/7 just to make sure everything is extra safe.

It sounds too good to be true!

That’s what happens when you truly love what you’re doing. Sofia Sea View is our passion, our vision, our baby.

What’s around Sofia Sea View?

There’s the local village of Pwani Michangani right outside, and any attraction you can think of is in driving distance of maximum 45 minutes. We’re in a good all-around spot to be.

Is there a babysitter & kids activities?

Absolutely! We have our trustworthy babysitter to take care of your children. Of course, you can just take them everywhere — anyone can enjoy the natural beauty of Zanzibar. We can even teach them traditional Swahili songs and dances, and how to make a hat from a coconut tree!

How’s the nightlife around Sofia Sea View?

The nightlife in Pwani Mchangani is very calm compared to more touristy areas. That is part of why we chose this place as our location. Although lively celebrations are likely to spring up anywhere in the village, and for any reason, night time usually gives way to cooler temperatures that are best suited for relaxing by the firepit with a glass of fine wine.

What’s to do in Zanzibar other than beaches?

Are you kidding?! You’ve got the spice farms, where you can see how our famous spices are being grown. You can go to Stone Town and visit Prison Island where the giant turtles are. You can go visit a local market and buy some clothes and souvenirs. You can swim with dolphins in the ocean at Kizimkazi. And much more. Go read our list of attractions again!

Is the food really unlimited?

If you can eat ten ribeye steaks a day… enjoy them! We’ll never limit you.

What if we’re coming back from the safari?

No problem! Our place is perfect for post-safari relaxation.

“Sofia Sea View is one of the best choices you could make for the perfect honeymoon. From the moment we arrived we were delighted. The hotel is very clean, the beach is private, food is amazing, and the staff is loving and warm, and helped us even with the smallest of things. Enjoyed every moment and will surely come back next year.”

Sofia Sea View - The Best Hotel In Zanzibar

Ready to Get a Real Taste of Zanzibar?

“Truly a dream vacation!”

If you’re looking for a resort with average rooms, average service and average food — a place to shelter yourself from the local culture and atmosphere — we’re not the place for you.

But if you really want a premium, luxurious, all inclusive experience, right in the middle of a traditional African village — the real Zanzibar experience — all with a private chef, private pool, private beach, private everything, then you’re going to absolutely fall in love with Sofia Sea View.

“My boy friend and I stayed at Sofia Sea View for one week at the big villa. It was fantastic. The view, the food, the staff. Truly a dream vacation! What we really liked is that our room was steps away from the beach! Plus we had a private pool. We’ll come back one day.”